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Default Re: did croteam ever share the tech demo?

If you try to make something that satisfies everyone, you'll just end up creating something that satisfies no one.

As for "people everywhere", you have to remember that the most vocal people are those who are not satisfied, while those who don't have an issue will simply not say anything. So you get to see all the complaints regarding some aspect of the game, but you don't get to see all the people who have no issue with it or like it, because those people aren't taking part in those threads/discussions (or at least very rarely).

All in all, yes, there was an uproar once the "modern" features of SS3 gameplay were announced, there was an uproar when SSVR was announced. You'll always have those. People get hyped, people get disappointed and people simply disagree with some decision/direction.

As Discy said, many of the long-time SS fans/veterans had entirely different critique of SS3 than those knee-jerk reactions, that you get immediately after something is announced or released.
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