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Default Serious Sam: Classic Steam Ultimate Launcher


I love using Steam and I love Serious Sam, but sadly, the classic versions of the game (FE and SE) aren't really Steam compatybile excluding the fact that Steam can launch these games and count hours.

But what about mods? What about gamespy versions? Do we have to create separate Non-Steam games for that so we can talk to friends while playing? It won't count real Serious Sam hours, too... :c

Here comes the solution!
Based on my old solution for the mods problems I've written a small app (mostly for fun and training my coding skills) that uses super clever tricks to prepare your games to Steam launching.

Say hello to Serious Sam Ultimate Steam Launcher.

So, what is it? Basically, this:

Chose your options (select mod, enable/disable legacy GameSpy version), and simply click Launch Game - the signal to the Steam will be send to play the game, but before it'll do all stuff that you did in setting.

App has cool features like:
  • Support for both classic encounters on Steam out of the box. You can place the program anywhere you want and it just works - app reads where your Steam is in registry and handles from there by itself.
  • Support for mod launching from the game start (chosen from simple list, and yes - it updates by itself, you don't have to do anything again).
  • Support for launching the GameSpy Version from the start (the program also remembers if the version was enabled last time, and it'll tell you if it's on or not).
Any comment or suggestions are warm welcome!

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