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Default Re: AntonioR's Showcase Thread - 2D Games

OK, I will send something in the next few days, because I have passed the exams and now I can concentrate more on this

The game is based on the code of Super Serious Bros., I just had to delete few thousand unnecessary lines of code. Since the code was much cleaner now, I have updated the level editor code. Visually it didn't change much, but the code is much more readable and manageable (OOP FTW!), and the editor is much more user friendly.

The most significant change is that I changed the way I manage textures, so now I can basically load whatever textures and tilemaps I can find and make levels with it.

Also the GUI is updated a bit, I added dropbox and checkbox object, and made some functions for "form" management.

Now all I have to do is make game related stuff...

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