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Default Re: Serious Sam 4 ideas ?

I'd like to see a level that IS a boss. A creature so big, you are moving around on it's body. Then, as it stands up, the player sees it like earthquakes, etc and then the terrain starts to tilt. Now, that wall or rock that used to be an obsticle, is the new floor (being paralel to the 'ground').

BUt of course, player doesn't realize the level is alive. THe boss fight could be when you reach an area around it's head and see these huge eyes, etc (like Atlas in God of War 3 but bigger).

His hands sweeping over the area would need to be dodged (Not these modern cheap cover buttons, but you actually have to run and jump like a mad man to dodge it).


also, maybe a more logical change in weapons considering the # of enemies.

- get rid of shotgun/double barrel and replace with the automatic shotgun from Predators/Expendables (AA-12)
- add an undercarriage grenade launcher to the assault rifle

This would open up slots for a couple new weapons in addition to all that we have now.

I'd prob like a railgun like in eraser instead of the sniper rifle. Fits better with the mass chaos i would say

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