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Default Re: [Release] Badmoon Bog (Sp/Co-Op Campaign)

Thanks for the fair review Greyson. Yeah there's no more in the credits level, whatever's there is just a bonus. Originally it did cross my mind to make it solely an exploration map with no fights (hence why there is a lot of looking around for stuffs), but ultimately I decided against it since I had to give it longevity somehow, and it's still Sam. It would've worked out that way if it had a larger area to explore indeed, but that would obviously take much more time and effort to create.

Maybe I could expand this sometime in the future more in that direction, not promising anything though, and it's certainly not happening soon with all the other stuff I'm supposed to finish.

Jumbo Sized Kamikaze's
None of the enemies were changed in size, they are the same size as in SS3. They might appear larger though since you're all sunk in the water and stuff though.
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