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Originally Posted by Twinnie
Agree about the flashlight thing, I was sticking up for Doom with the flashlight thing before I played it but until you play it you don't quite realise the scale of the problem. It's not like you usually need the flashlight, you ALWAYS need the flashlight, there ain't a moment in the game that has sufficient lighting. May be alright at first but after hours straight of it you're just sick and tired.
I upped the brightness some, which helped, but if keeping everything dark is supposed to make things scary it doesn't, it would be much better to have semi dark areas, corners etc, wtf don't they have 100 watt bulbs in the future, I can be scared with the lights on and bright areas, just suprise the shit out of me, or have something leap out of a dark corner, or sneak up behind me.... hell let me see the scary monster............
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