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Originally Posted by xxzen
not great
yes dark
not spooky......Undying was spooky.........
Thank god for my multi-button mouse since I had to program one to flip from flashlight to previous weapon. Of course I had to make sure my previous weapon was not the basically worthless pistol. Even then, using the flashlight all the time got really tiresome and the eyestrain for so long is just too much.

The dark is good, but Doom 3 definitely shows that dark alone doesn't make it spooky. The lack of really scary-ass sounds (undying, AVP2, system shock 2) and no music whatsoever. What's with that? Did I miss something, the only music I heard in the entire game was the heavy metal in the opening load up and the closing credits. Wow, that sucked. The music in other games really set the tone of impending disaster.

I still really like the game, but it's not a 10. Whereas with Undying, AVP2 and System Shock 2, I seemed to constantly have goosebumps, I don't think that happened even once with Doom 3.
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