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DooM3 t'is an engine with a free game built in!

I'm really pleased most people agree with the "too dark" comments; I've thought that for awhile - PS I'm only in Delta Labs3, at the blown out bridge part...and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm stuck! (No spoilers please!). Brilliant heat shimmer effect, though!

I too highly recommend re-mapping flashlight (or torch for us Brits) to the right mouse button. You can then toggle torch / previous weapon in an acceptable fashion. But be warned - after you've accessed a PDA I found the previous weapon is lost. You can then only quickly toggle between the torch and, err, the torch! (until you re-select a weapon, obviously!)

PS Did anyone else enjoy taking on the zombies with just the torch? It may take about 5 pistol shots to take them out, but you can also just finish them off with 2 wacks of the torch!

I've not noticed the lack of music and I find the sounds very atmospheric, although you do soon get accustomed to them.

Worse than to torch for me, though, has been the re-loading. I've expired more times due to my failing to reload than I care to mention...

And an "always run" with shift to walk would have been polite.

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