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Originally Posted by JohnN
DooM3 t'is an engine with a free game built in!

I'm really pleased most people agree with the "too dark" comments; I've thought that for awhile - PS I'm only in Delta Labs3, at the blown out bridge part...and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm stuck! (No spoilers please!). Brilliant heat shimmer effect, though!

There are two places where people get stuck there. One, go in the bathroom (or all other rooms) and see if there is anything to shoot in there. the next door opens when everything in that first area is dead. Two (don't read if the last one helped you), teleport to the bridge. Both very simple and none-spoiler solutions (if you didn't know about the teleporters you would have in just a half-minute because it's in the next room practically, so quiet you )
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