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Question How to make Static Shaders and Saves

Hello everyone , i see your comments in my first mission pack soo.. i started a new project better than this and hope to be played. But i have a bit problems in SED 2.0 Editor soo there is...

1. How can i do static shaders
- I mean how can i make static shaders/shadows because dynamic drop FPS and much of peoples say its bad. Like much levels where a shaders looks great. Please advice me or give me any tutorial because i didnt found.

2.How to make Autosaves on Chapters
-In alot of maps in sometimes when you finish a chapter a level is autosaving when you die you will respawn in last chapter where you was saved. Soo i tried some times but it didnt work some advices? Or maybe any tutorial because i didnt found.

-Sorry for my bad english

Here is some pic of first level project started before few days
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