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Default Can't launch Serious Sam Double D

Just bought it today during the sale, and during that, I've updated it in the "First Time Setup" Steam always does.

However, after that, the game doesn't loads or starts, I've already tried verifying the game cache, and it downloaded a file, and then it doesn't starts, I've tried everything Steam-related and nothing

Anyone knows the solution of my problem?

EDIT: After checking the game folder, I've found that Microsoft .NET is the missing application, however I've tried uninstalling old version from my PC, and then install the version inside the folder, and it seems before the end of install, the Setup crashes and it's says "Error during install" and I can't fix it

Hint for this maybe?

EDIT 2: I've installed .NET V 4.5 and then the game was supposed to run fine, but then this happened:

ERROR CLR: 80004005
The Program will close now.

What am I going to do now?

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