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I've started an another SS2 map far I call it the "Mwidgo Experiment".*

What it's about: Well, I always wondered how many moons and such things planets have in SS2. Almost every planet had a moon or something orbiting around it, by looking to the sky. In Mdigbo you can see a small moon in the I made a map about it.

The storyline:
Sam gets a distress call from a moon called "Mwidgo" after finishing his business with Mental in Sirius, and decides to rush into aid with his newly stolen dropship. Unfortunately the dropship is equipped with Serious Censory System (SCS), Mental's newest and most famous technology, that prevents any human being from taking direct control over the ship- effectively preventing Sam from watching Plasma TV, saying funny one-liners and sitting in the sofa (Read manual- dropships do have those). Not only that, the censory system will be able to control the ship's movement by setting it to the wrong course. Fortunately Sam manages to cut off the power at the last minute and set the course to Mwidgo, but the ship crashes somewhere in a deep canyon...meaning a long walk back to civilization, where the simba wizards are rumoured to live...SE-ish, ehh? Well the ship crashing would fit in the story better, I guess...

*Widgo because it's a known planet of wizard simba tribes.

No screenshots yet because I've only made the terrain so far.

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