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Default Re: Aside from Damjan Mravunac, who else would be good at making music for Serious Sa

Well i like SS2 cause it feels to me like more of TSE which i loved mlost from SS1/SSC.

TFE was way too long in Egypt, felt like 12 Hours with less variations, even with Sewers.
SO TFE is a good game, but SE & SS2 are greatness for me.

If you remove all the comedy gimmicks out of SS2 you still have a story left. So SS2 unserious/silly comedy does not make the story bad.

Maybe Croteam lacks of Creating a advanced Universe/gameworld for SS series.
CT should try to do make an RPG or RTS Strategy game. Would be intersting to see if CT can make advanced stuff.

Also how sounds cartoonish, as Music & inside a thread about SS game music?
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