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Default Re: Aside from Damjan Mravunac, who else would be good at making music for Serious Sa

I don't think someone can fill the shoes of Damjan - his style and way of writing are just too connected to the feel and tone of the series and it's really hard to come close to it if you pick some more or less famous composers (if, again, we are talking about professional musicians, not fans), because I'm more than sure their distinctive style would resonate too much with the game. Just look at various Serious Sam spinoffs/indie games and the way their composers utilised music - I think noone came close to Damjan at all (though I'd like to give some credit to the guy behind GBA game - it worked really well and there were some catchy tunes). But, on the other hand, there might be (or not) some underground, less popular young composer who can probably do a decent job and emulate Damjan. Probably an unknown cool cat we've never heard of before.
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