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I'm not seeing the slippery slope here... Garry's mod is a quality mod that many people enjoy immensely(I'm not one of them, I get frustrated with it easily and I'm not very creative). If the creator can profit from his time invested, all the more power to him. The only way to profit in this type of instance is if you put out a high quality product, creative or not, that many people will enjoy. Say some guy slaps together a halfass mod and gets commercial distribution through Steam somehow. No one is going to buy it because it sucks, everyone loses out.

And I don't think anyone is saying that mod's should be paid for, but those that are successful and popular deserve some sort of reward. Face it, most people aren't going to donate squat to a mod developer for a free mod. They don't deserve to be derided just because they "sold out" and want to make some money for their work.

Bah, I'm tired and I don't think I'm making much sense. The gist of the argument in my mind is somewhere in there, I think.
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