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Like I said, I don't have a problem with Garry's mod itself, but I think that if they (whoever is publishing HL2) wish to reward the creator, then they should pay him themselves. And like I said, what happens when they start charging for game ptaches? After all, they spent their time working on them (which they did, but that's what the publisher is there for). Look at what happens with expansions: the most I've seen are either garbage, or they are "extremely good". Unfortunately the latter is usually the case of a game being intentionally stripped of good features just to be able to put them in the expansion and say: "Hey, we thought of tons of new features which weren't in the original (
Of course, we stripped them off of the original, but hey you're not smart enough to realize that, so poo on you
)" - for reference, check Frozen Throne and Lord of Destruction, and I'm pretty sure about Ressurection of Evil, but to be honest, I haven't played it. What makes me suspicious is the gravity gun, I remember how id showed off the physics in their engine, which ended up a few cutscenes.

Also, Os, I honestly can't remember many (if any) good games by EA recently. With Westwood being non-existent, that leaves us with the 10 billion expansions of The Sims (and probably Sims 2) and the FIFA (and probably other sports games) which I've been saying sucked since 2000, yet it took reviewers another 4 years to realize it. So now I'm also skeptical about Spore, which in concept is brilliant, but I'm having a feeling it will go the way of Sims. And then there's the EA spouse case. I hope they actually start making more original content, but I'm still very skeptical. Actually, as far as PC gaming goes, the only publisher that I seem to semi like at this point is Ubisoft, though that probably won't last long either.
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