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then don't pay for it.

thats how capitalism works. supply.. demand.
If there is no demand, then he won't get money, if there is demand, why should he not reap the rewards of his work? OH right, he's suppose dto be like you and do it for the "fun"

I laugh because i hear this bullshit all the f'in time. In the cg community, people are always saying, they kill for the jobs we have. that we shoudl thank our lucky stars, because we have been graced with theluck and skill to get such and "awsome" job. They would work 80 hours week if they had our job, for minimul pay.. cause its just so ****ing awsome. These were actual comments when the EA work policy came out.

Funny thing though, when you are actualy in the position to work at such a job, or sell a mod. you notice that the ones complaining, aren't and likely won't be in a position to even negotiate anything. They'd work 80hrs a week, for less money.. because they can't. Nobody would even give them a second look. They wouldn't let them work for free.

so get off your soap box, and stop complaining you can't have something for free. $10 buck, woopdydoo. And most mods aren't started by guys who just want a project, they are guys who want to work in the industry, and this is a great way to get started. And most of them do actualy think they'll get paid. i know this, becaus of how many times i've been promised, you'll get paid just as soon as we get published if you work for us. There was a time (a very brief time) i actualy believed that.
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