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Default Re: What are you playing?

Originally Posted by Thee Goat Pig View Post
I just finished my second play of Prey, and I have to say my opinion of it got worse the longer it went on. I liked it more when it was a nostalgic memory. The main character is so winy, the movement is awkward, the supporting cast is full of assholes that don't really like the character you play as trying to change him at all cost when all he wants is to live with his girlfriend in a community that isn't dying around itself, the combat is annoying, the weapons while unique aren't fun to use...

I couldnt stand it this time around.
Note to self: don't play Prey a second time.

I found the chargeable-gun-thing to be quite fun, especially when it was lightning-charged hehe... The acid-shotgun-like weapon was also nice, I think that's as close as I'll ever get to playing a Hydralisk in an FPS.

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