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Default Re: D-6.gro - Weird Russian Serious Sam Mod

Originally Posted by Ziemniak View Post
What do you think about the guy who kills you at the end?
Do you think it's scary or just really freaking funny, because I can't really tell myself?
I didn't think it was really scary or funny, I thought it was downright disturbing, the sounds that play during this part sound so realistic. (As he rams the pole into you, you cry out in pain and hear the sound of your flesh and bones being twisted, it's VERY painful sounding)

Originally Posted by Ziemniak View Post
Also, do you still have the files? Is there anything else in there?
I do as a matter of fact. I should point out I have the no-death version, instead of dying you hear one last Russian line and then the game closes out. and your desktop is changed to glyphs. I feel the game may have done something else to my system since then...

After the game closes it deleted the .d-6 file in your main directory. An it will not start without this, you CAN however just create any text file and rename the extension and play the mod again.

All the files have hidden-effect on them so you'll have to find them via searches and stuff. I hear the death version has passworded files.

Anything else, hmmm. I'd have to check all the levels to see this, I'd also really love to check out the death version's levels to see if it does do anything malicious too. But I feel I may need a virtual machine for this first (I DO have the 'installer' for this death version. SLAwww knows where to get this shit XD)

EDIT: oh wait I forgot, every level also has a Security class that crashes the editor if you try to open them. This was easily bypassed by editing the .ecl class of the same name and making it load a different class. However should this fail you can still Hexi-edit the class out of the levels.

Before the crash some text is displayed, if anyone can translate what these say it may help with uncovering the meaning of D-6. (I'll take some screenshots I guess)
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