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Default Re: SS4 on E3? Or maybe something else?

^ The thing with multiple mouses or using a controller (one thumbstuck per gun) is that it's still not enough to emulate what they're doing with VR. With VR, you are really tracking THREE things in space... Your left hand, your right hand, AND your head. In VR, you can stick your arms straight out to each side and fire, while moving your head around independently of either of those two motions. You can look at the enemy to your left while shooting it, while ALSO shooting an enemy to your right, without seeing it.

With a controller, you'd really just be looking straight ahead while firing guns that you can't even see what you're aiming at. Without limiting the gameplay greatly (such as enemies can only come at you in a 90 degree cone in front of you), you're really going to have to spend time on some crazy camera system to get this to feel even remotely playable on a non-VR device. The camera would need to be a crazy fisheye lens with crazy FOV, some sort of weird vertical splitscreen where each camera tracks one hand (which could be cool but -really- limits your situational awareness), or the camera just zooms out an extreme amount so you can still see what each weapon is looking at for wide shots.

When you really consider the game design / programming that would have to go into making this playable on standard hardware... you're really devaluing what they're doing, here. This sort of thing should have probably been explained on stage to show how much more interesting the idea really is.
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