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Default Re: Cutscene on Level

Cutscene don't work as such. You don't need any video file.
Here is a small explaination on making a cutscene

If you want to make a cutscene starting with a touch field, make a touch field
  1. Target the Touch Field to the Camera
  2. Target the Camera to Camera Marker 1
  3. Target the Camera Marker 1 to Marker 2
  4. Target the Camera Marker 2 to Marker 3
  5. ...and so on... (depends on how many markers you have)
  6. Target the last marker to the first one

A picture to complete the small "tutorial"
Click on the screen to enlarge it in a new tab.

If you get those errors
"Broken Link" - you didn't target last marker to the first one. Do it.
"Needs at least 2 markers" - you didn't put enough markers. Put more.
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