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Default Re: Oniblade: Serious Action from Russia

Here's the little bump I promised you yesterday. First off, a little history.

Shortly after I played the SS:FE demo, I had a dream of a mod I'd make. It would be called Serious Samwise Gamgee or something like that.
Something that would have started shortly after the "Well, I'm home" (spoken by Sam at the very end of Return of the King): some new, messy warfare in the Shire and around it.
The protagonist would of course have been Sam, along with his hobbit homies Merry and Pippin and whonot. There'd have been orc bashing and other festive crap. Lots of it.

I never really got around to modding Serious Sam, and now that I've finally come to a stage where I actually could, I find that "Serious Samwise Gamgee" has already been made. Sort of. Made twice, even.

First, Serious Sam 2 already introduced halflings and orcs and trolls and balrogs galore. So making a "Lord of the Serious Rings" mod would almost be "too little of a cha(lle)nge" now (kidding)

Second, Mr. Goblin, a guy well-known in Russia for his crazy dubbings of Western movies, actually sat down and made this:


YouTube Video: Bratva i Koltso - Trailer

DL trailer with überhigh audio/video quality and better audio/video sync (60 MB, XviD)

YouTube Video: Bratva i Koltso - Intro

6 more gameplay trailers (7 MB each, XviD)

Unfortunately for non-Russians, 99% of the visual/verbal content is made of untranslatable puns and other references to Russian culture.
Imagine playing the Croatian version of SS2, and then imagine something 1000 times more Croatian than that: well, it's even more Croatian...
Except it's Russian, of course. Same developer as Oniblade, BTW: Gaijin.

Aragorn became Agronom; Gondor became Honduras; Legolas, Gimli and Saruman became respectively Baltic, Georgian and Armenian soundalikes; "orcs" became "cons"; nazguls became nazis; etc, etc.
The game follows roughly the same plot as Fellowship of the Ring, but Middlearth is basically seen through the eyes of a crazy Russian all the way through.
Even the visual "puns" are so many that it takes a few careful viewings of the trailers just to "catch'em all!!".

The game can apparently be beaten in 2 evenings, but it looks replayable enough.
Multiplayer has been considered by the dev team, but it's not there... yet? Hopefully.
Those outside Russia can order it on (site is in Russian, though )
Price is 10 bucks. There, I think I covered it all. What do you think: worth a new thread?

@ mods & WIMC: Am I doing everything right with the new YT feature? And what about the Oni hype up there?

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