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For the Codec thing, you can recieve player inputs through script, and then also play animations on the player's weapons. Only thing missing is a way to determine which weapon the player is using (bug #27120).
No idea what you're talking about.

Hmmm, did you change the Crouching view height for the whole "prone" thing? Cause if you did, that'd mean even the models that only crouch would also be seeing at that height while crouching (knee o' vision).
It's on the to-do list.

Additionally, one thing I think you may've overlooked is the fact that the Guarding team... is human-controlled.
What am I, stupid? Of course we know that. I think you're focusing on one of the first tools I've even brought to the table here, man. Relax? Don't go jumping on the whole CODEC thing when I'm trying to bring more to it than that.

Also, is it just expected that everyone on the infiltrating team has to switch to a model that can go prone? The same goes for the gaurding team, as there's absolutely nothing stopping those players from using models that can go prone as well.
In Last Team Standing the players on Blue team are the guards. I've made the .nfo's force them to use a model that doesn't have prone. So if they're playing as one that CAN go prone, I've set blue teams models to not allow that, and instead force them to play as a guard or a model that doesn't have prone.
Edit: And yes at the first part.
but good luck covering 8-player teams (especially if just one gaurd is strong enough to dispatch an infiltrator without much effort).
I've never seen player counts that high. Guards don't have it as easy as you might think, really. I have some plans up my sleeves that'll be a game changer for sure.

There's also the thing where players aren't just gonna saunter around and wait for something to happen; in their idle time, they're gonna be checking hiding spots. Constantly.
That's kind of the point. That's why I'm researching ways to even the odds and give an advantage to players that are against the guards, like picks up to aid in their plight and ways to help damage the enemy in clever ways.

Not trying to shatter your hopes and dreams
Sure seems like it. Perhaps it'd be best to not treat this as some professional game mode, but as something fun. I don't really think I'm capable, or any of us are capable, of creating some professional perfectly balanced experience. What we're trying to make is some fun. Maybe a bit of roleplay in a competitive game mode, a new approach to an old classic.

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