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Default Re: Serious Sam HD - Bugs/Glitches

please help me.Ive just bought the game from steam and i cannot set the option on ultra because i barely can advance in the game.i barely can move because of the stuttering and i do have 1 gb video card,2 ghz quad proc and 6 gb ram.I can only play with 2-8 fps and the game is seen as if it's too good for my system?I can only play in medium settings and of course the game looks awful in that mode.Im dissapointed.I hope croteam releases a patch to fix the problem.btw my video driver is not the beta one and i have vista 64 bit.The game looks great btw but on ultra it looks like a crysis on my system.I cant progress because it plays as if my system is low.just help pls.and it stops sometimes...actually its with intrerruptions all the time.Its just unbelievable but true.i can barely move.

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