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Default Cheats for Xbox360/XBLA HD First and Second Encounter

Over time I have seen some issues/bugs in the HD levels which are occuring rarely, but which prevent from game progress and only way to fix it is to restart that level or choose different difficulty (which usually works, but could be time consuming).

Alternative to this is to simply use cheats, provided you are not going for achievements or leaderboards, since enabling/using cheats would be noted as cheating (check last section (IMPORTANT) of this post).

PC cheats are already known, but I don't think we ever released XBLA cheats. So, here it is...

To use the in-game cheats for XBLA HD, you first have to enable them. To enable them, you need to be in the game menus and do the following:

Hold down the Right Trigger button and without releasing it, press these buttons in a sequence: LS, RS, LS, LS, RS. (Where LS=Left Shoulder Button, RS=Right Shoulder Button).

To disable the cheats again, use the same procedure.

How to use the cheats:
As soon as the cheats are enabled, all levels are unlocked.

For other cheats, use the following shortcut in-game to invoke the Cheats Menu:
Press the Left thumbstick and Left trigger at the same time.
(Note that with default bindings this will make the character to try to crouch and jump at the same time, but this is normal, as it is used in absence of more keys on the controller.)

In the Cheats Menu you can access the following cheats:

Kill all - Kill all enemies attacking the player(s). (This is a trigger, effective when you exit the menu.)
Give all - Give all weapons and ammo. (This is a trigger, effective when you exit the menu.)
Max health - Give max amount of health and armor. (This is a trigger, effective when you exit the menu.)
God mode - Makes the player invunerable. (This is a toggle.)
Show HUD - This is not really a cheat, but is put here if needed for screenshots. (This is a toggle.)
Chapter - You can use this to jump to a specific part of the level. When you click on this, you will be offered a choice of chapters in the current level.

While the cheats are enabled, an indicator is shown in the upper-right corner, and it shows which cheats are currently in effect.
When playing in coop, both clients and server can invoke cheats, and each will only affect the current player (except for global cheats like Kill All or Chapter Jump). However the server must enable cheats, otherwise the clients' cheat commands will not work!

IMPORTANT: Note that when a new game is started with cheats enabled, or if the cheats are enabled during the course of a game, all further progress in this game is marked as cheated. Such game will not award any achievements and will not post the score to the leaderboards any more. This state is visible in the in-game statistics and in the savegames and it cannot be cleared even if the cheats are disabled. You will have to start a new game or load a previous non-cheating save to get rit of it.

Have fun!

Roman Ribaric
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