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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

If there's a testing period for SS4 I'd gladly tear it to pieces. SSHD and SS3's versus mode, especially on the modding side, had a lot of issues.

The most glaring one being for VS Entities and how they function in the game world. Another being the stifling of innovation on the maps themselves. Not being able to move spawn points or flag entities or the such. If I could easily do those things the mode could have some nice mods for it. (Also making VS mods stand alone ala SS: Warped would be sick) The Sniper does the same damage in VS scoped/unscoped by the by.

That being said, a lot of your criticisms and complaints are from an opinionated side. You're upset that a game isn't set up like an Arena FPS when it clearly never set out to be. SS:HD is full of stupid bugs too. Also calling the developers careless and lazy is kind of a dick move when it comes to their game effort.

Also "Some animations need to be erased and remade..." HD needs this more. At least in SS3 when you run the guns you shoot aren't pointed to the floor.

"I've already become one of the strongest players in the Versus." also lol.
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