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Default Re: Do you think making jumping during combat less effective was a good idea?

My opinion is that jumping must be even more important - like in Painkiller. Painkiller + BooH is the end-point of old-school FPS in terms of player movement - easy to master bunny hopping, good control over the character, when you performing it - a good step forward compared to Quake 2. If CT implement such a feature in future Serious Sam game and build the levels and enemies - that will increase the game's intensity. "Grounding" the player is not a decision.

Of course, always remember that I had no problems with Witch-Brides in SS3 and found them pretty cool with their unpredictible behaviour and teleporting. I mean - my opinion is an opinion of a man, who have different understanding for "good Serious Sam gameplay pace" than most of you.
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