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Default Re: What are your Favorite/ Top 20 Actors

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
Then I don't get why it was aimed at me. I replied to Marko that if the actors can't sell their characters as separate characters, only themselves, then they are really not good actors. There are actors that can play certain characters and can't play others, that is true. But if an actor cannot act the character they are supposed to act, then they are not good actors, just people being themselves. When I watch anything, film or series, I don't want to see actors, I want to see characters in a story. I don't care about actors, I care about good characters in a cool story.
That kind of reinforces all of our points. All of the actors listed in this thread excel at something, whether it be acting, action choreography, or a mixture of both. Obviously "bad actors" wouldn't make it onto these lists... okay unless they were so bad they were good

I think it comes down to you misinterpreting my post about watching most movies if one of my listed actors is in the movie. While that's true, I don't watch a movie thinking "Oh hey, it's Johnny Depp!" Like you, I follow the the characters in the storyline, not the actors. Keeping the Johnny Depp example going, I think of him as Captain Sparrow, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, etc etc etc while watching the movie, not Johnny Depp.

When I said I watch a movie because a certain actor is in it, that's because that actor has an excellent track record of solid performances so chances are good that I will enjoy the movie. Not simply because a certain somebody was in the movie.

I guess I just don't really understand what point you are trying to make that is contrary to the lists we've already made.
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