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Finally finished (most) of the maps, so the levels are now public on the workshop (LINK)
Thanks again for the help! The .gro is kinda messy, but it seems(?) to be functional.

I've been messing around with possibly adding weapon models from the game (and adjusting the stats), but I'm still not 100% on some of the file structure stuff. I figure I'll make those separate mods, and if I've got it right, I'll edit what I need, and then just package the changes in a new .gro file, right? When I was playing around with stuff, it looks like it was changing files in the databases folder (and the models folder has, well, the models), so I think as long as I keep the file structure the same, I should be good to go to.

Also, was working on changed the c4 model to the remote/prox mines like the Perfect Dark Remote Mines mod, and then realized that was your mod Ryason55, haha. In my messing around I was trying to make them not pickup-able. I dug around and figured out how to make it so they didn't add ammo when you picked it up, but you still picked it up. I thought maybe removing the touchfield on one of the items might do it, but I hadn't found it in the little time I messed around. Any idea on achieving at least that effect? I figure it's too difficult to do some kind of proximity mine, and I have no idea how to turn off the hud elements to show you where the mines are (I thought I had found a dangerous area ui setting or something, but it didn't change anything that I could tell). Still, it's fun digging into this stuff. I also installed UE4, so I may try porting the levels over to that too, but there's far less of a base with that in regards to weapons and such, so that will probably take longer.

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