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Hey guys, little updates.

First, i finished doing my part for Serious Sam: Bogus Detour! You guys should be able to see my work on full release.

Second, i am recently working on my comic, and working quite hard on it as i said i would once i am done with BD. But this leads to to third update

Third, Progress on the mod have taken a massive slowdown because of that. Working on BD got me a bit saturated on working on SS related content, and i have much more motivation lately on working on more original content that is alot less troublesome and more fun to make for me.

Recently been prototyping some stuff using some doom pre-made assets, but that's kind of about it. SS2.5D is not scrapped, but just really don't get your hopes up about it. Making weapons is a fun part for me, but doing textures/maps and monsters, especially graphic wise, can be quite a painful process for me. Especially concidered how quite detailed some SS monsters can be.

I've been thinking on turning it into a more original universe/IP and have a bit more motivation/creative freedom on it, but i thought it might be letting you guys down since... well let's not hide it, you guys are mostly here for SS after all

Anyway, that's all, and sorry if some of you are disapointed.
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