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Default Re: Serious Sam Forever

I think there may be a way to revive this mod with not that much work.

Phase 1 would involve getting in contact with Croteam, and getting access to the SDK for the latest Serious Engine, or at least the engine Serious Sam HD uses.

Phase 2 would involve merging the content of Fiinzy and TwL's Deathmatch Pro mod for Serious Sam 2. You will need the permission of TwL and Finzy for this.

Phase 3 would be the massaging phase. Edit what you already have to make it work with the engine, and edit the merged content to work with the new stuff the SSF DM test version offers, like bots.

Phase 4 is a possibility, but it will be a long way off, and it involves merging Solais' mod in progress Serious Sam HD Extended into the mod as the Single Player campaign project to SSF. If you have new versions of the classic levels, override the SS HD Extended levels in question with them, or perhaps find a way to insert them in between.
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