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Default Re: Serious Sam Forever

That is a lot of work from something Croteam did better than the community anyway.
SSF was simply SSHD before CT made SSHD. Once CT announced SSHD, SSF development essentially stopped.

However, not wanting to be outdone or being responsible for wasting people's time, the manager decided to add in as much 'creative' elements into the Sam1 franchise as possible.
LD, who was project manager for SSF had no direction whatsoever, nor positive influence on the development team.
Every moment was a constant change in creative direction, using the development team for his personal amusement and verification of self worth.
With CT rightfully refusing to develop/release the SEG3SDK, and LD's errant abuse of power, the ONLY programmer, DwK, became disgusted with with the whole scene and went back to Web Programming.

That was the death of SSF. It needs to stay dead. It was a bad joke to begin with, had no timing, and completely, fully, irrefutably mismanaged, thus never delivered.

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