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Default Re: The One Word Story Game!

Once, there was (in pisstown) a witch who ate grapes, a big hat that sat, but amy stole bob's o crackers that tasted surprisingly gritty. The Bangladeshi chicken smelled after a urinal fell off of a toilet onto Leeroy's chicken-hutch. Noam ingested his purple ovulating dragon ****s, meanwhile a legend known as Dankzaii decided: "Source". And his best penis ate sperm because it knew. KNEW... that he KNEW! So, Jetroid decided that to save mankind, he must masturbate. he licked penus until Cpt.Price became a GOD ,and made BACON for his girlfriend and then Finzy came to destroy Solais' project. Solais shat bricks when Bio saw Finzy farting dust. Additionally, Solais exploded into grapes that tastes like 117 kilograms of grapes made in Mars where there is a lot of grit! Cum was sexy. Valerie was thirsty for Cum rockets, but Pan showed his MANLY piles,that evolved Valerie's Redbulls. She farted out dust and died. Wow. said Lavama the Lavama. Roy shouted out "I AM SHITTY". Roy said "Trexx is a shitface".
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