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Unfortunately, I don't have these games, because I don't have a console. Sorry, not enough money, and since I'm not making any money, my parents get to decide what I can buy. So I can't say if they are good or not.

How many games do you think you'll get in the future that are actually awesome? I have a feeling that the trend is that we'll have less and less of them.

Also, if you ask young people today about some of the older games that were actually good, they have for the most part either never heard of them, or if they have, they think of them as "that game that my parents are talking about all the time".

Also, for example, on the Fallout forums (NMA), there's only 4000 people registered, which I think is pretty dismal. X-COM has a total of 12000 on two forums, though a good part are registered on both, plus Strategycore has th UFO:A... series and Silent Storm, so I'd say the realistic number is 8000-9000. To me that doesn't look too well either, for such great games. Terra Arcanum has less than 4000. Far Cry on the other hand has 458000 registered members.

Sorry, I just can't stop thinking how the industry is going Hollywood.
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