Thread: [Model] How to create cubemap?
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Default Re: How to create cubemap?

I figured it out!
By right-clicking on some projector texture in SED3 called "FastLightMask.tex" and selecting "Additional->Recreate" I got error "can't load /blahblah/FastLightMask_cube_E.tga".
After several random actions I found out that all you have to do is:
1) Name your six cubefaces textures as "blahblah_cube_E.tga" (and C, F, N, S, W instead of E in the end respectively)
2) Select all six in texture creator, it will automatically create needed cubemap with name "blahblah.tex".
Enjoy your cubemap!
Damn, I'm so happy, I was battling with this problem for a few days!
Why on exporting they had different naming, I don't know.
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