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Default Re: Top 10 most steam hours played

Originally Posted by Finzy View Post
The heck, but that would mean I only have 12 hours in Sam 3. That can't be right, I've played it for FAR longer in just testing maps alone. I think they count seperately...especially because I used to have more hours in editor THAN in the game before, and that wouldn't be possible if editor hours = game hours. (Also, my playtime in SSHD editor is much greater than my SSHD playtime right now)
No, they don't count seperately, but sometimes Steam messes up and instead of counting hours for the editor, it counts hours only for Serious Sam 3. (Or maybe Valve changed some things, I don't know.)

It's like that because of the way Serious Sam 3 works with the workshop, where the editor has to enumerate existing packages in order for you to be able to update them. The Steam API supports uploading and updating new packages to the workshop from a different AppID (editor and game have seperate AppID's), but it doesn't allow enumerating workshop packages (listing packages you already uploaded) from different AppID's. To solve this, the editor actually loads the game's AppID (run SeriousEditor.exe from the Bin folder and notice you're actually playing Serious Sam 3) so when you run the game from Steam, it essentially uses both AppID's.

tl dr; Steam gets confused at which AppID to use when you start an editor that uses the game's AppID, making the hour count on SE3 games inaccurate if you use the editor a lot.
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