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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
We are not jealous, we are curious. If you'd post pictures of it, it would improve your credibility and we could actually believe you. I made many projects and I proved it by posting pictures and even videos.

Also, don't double post.
as i told you I will post pictures of the scrapped content, and also if my team allows, you will see a trailer anyway, but first the map guy's need to finish they'r work and make the missing textures and edit models, also we need to get somehow the ghostbuster because i don't know how we could make the remake without it!

Originally Posted by Squadala View Post
You are wrong. The lighting on your cylinder does not match the lighting used on the part behind it. The area of the behind part that touches the cylinder has a lighter grey on it, while the actual cylinder immediately switches to being a darker grey. Lighting in real life does not work that way at all. The lighting on the real prototype Revolver tries to be consistent between the two parts I mentioned earlier. Plus, the cylinder on yours does not have the metallic scratches that are on the real Prototype Revolver's cylinder and on the rest of the Revolver's body.

Also, I don't think you realize that the glove texture on a player model is not a direct copy of the one that is actually used. The gloves on the player models are made smaller and lose some detail because they need to fit a larger model.
jealous, jealous, jealous, deal with it!

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