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Default Re: Scrapped Serious Sam stuff and beta info

Originally Posted by Squadala View Post
You hinted that it was the real thing earlier.
yes the beta colt i never told it was real beta stuff you got me wron and what is with the modeler ill give you the list of those 3-4 things that are missing and you could make it than i will leak many pictures you are going to say what's wrong and my team s going to fix them! fine?

ok, than is this good to you -.-"

I'm the CEO of the beta recovery project, we are remaking thing's from old ss beta because noone has it and it's very interesting, it has a lot of scrapped stuf...
I need talented modelers who could help me with few things I am going to take any critick's from people who thing that something is wrong with things we are remaking, we are going to immidietly fix the problem, thank you!
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