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Talking Tja.

Originally Posted by 2K Sam
Now, this isn't to say that publishers dont want to put out quality product. Of course we do! But, if there arent deadlines then some developers will just keep on going.
Why does that particular sentence get's me thinking about a 3Drealms game? Hmmm...

Anyway, great to hear from you, I was happy to see the DVD version here in Sweden
I hate stickin' in Disc after Disc. Especially with something MODable, otherwise if you screw something up by mistake and have to reinstall, it means another CD-nightmare :p
Hopefully it will work out better with the next Serious Release. I mean, manual still contained stuff that had been cut out. Thank Feetal for you words 2K Sam!
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One for all, and all for one huh? That's just the kind of odds I like.
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