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Default Re: AP_3338 is now live!

I tested it a bit now and it's alright!

Two things:

- About workshop items: Is there any chance of update the workshop content when the game is really open (I mean the main menu)?
Because I just opened it and took forever to open, and when I could get the main menu, I realized that workshop were updating content (33 of 34). I mean, this isn't a bug, it's just a suggestion.

- I tried the new survival map it's cool! The only problem is that I have problems with fps when the new beheaded (that beheaded who shoot lasers and other things) shoot at the same time, but that can happen due my pc I guess.

Anyway I'll try to test it more exhaustively during these days. Good job!

Oh, btw, I tried to search for servers but nothing happened, I mean, no servers. I don't know if it's a problem of the game or really there isn't any server now (I suppose there isn't any now). But I'll test it later again.
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