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Default Re: AP_3338 is now live!

1. Is it possible in future updates to give us the option to select balance, the same way like now (with classic and HD options), just with more options like:
- Classic FE 1.0
- Classic FE 1.5
- Classic SE 1.5
- Classic SE 1.7
- Classic Rev
- HD & etc...
depending on that how many changes were made in the past.

With option like this everyone will be happy.

2. I want to customize the gamebrowser panel - some of the columns are useless to me. In the same time - sort by game difficulty is missing. I rarely play something, which is below Serious.

3. In the editor - "Player start" entity - remove the numerc code weapon set up, change it with weapon list and "on/off" clickbox in front of each weapon's name. It will be much more easy to work like that, instead for looking for the right combination of numbers, for current weapon set up...
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