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Talking Serious Sam: the comic encounter

in case you want to see the previous thread:

So i recently started a Serious Sam comic project following up where Serious Sam 2 left uses. I would like to inform first that the backstory of this comic is the plot SS2 but everything is not EXACTLY the same. Some of the elements of the plot have been changed (so don't expect bosses'r'us to come back) to make the plot less child-ish but still a bit silly. ('cause ye know, its Serious Sam afterall!)

The name: "Serious Sam: The Comic Encounter"

Anyway, here's the first page:
Ill work on a cover later, because it will be taking me more time to work on it than i thought. Tell me what you think!

Oh, and if you wanna follow it on DeviantArt (Or simply see my other work) go here:

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