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Arrow Kleer skeletons in SS2 are kind of a letdown....

So I was playing SSHD and SS2 the other day and I noticed that the kleer skeleton was majorly nerfed in SS2. Now I think the main problem is this. In SSHD the kleer is slightly faster than the player, making outrunning them impossible and sidestepping the only usable tactic. Now in SS2 the kleer is slightly slower than Sam which makes them significantly less of a threat than they were. You can just run away to the previous area and gain some distance if they get too close. It kind of ruins the "overwhelming rush of kleer" feeling provided by those terrible close quarters kleer horde levels in SSHD. I propose that someone mod the kleer to be slightly faster than sam. is this something that is easily workable? I have no experience with the SED2.
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