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Alright, I think I've solidified the ideas around the Mod's NETRICSA repurpose to give you a little showcase about the changes. Please note that some of these are still Work In Progress, and things may change.

I've said before that SS1/SSHD's NETRICSA is the most perfect one in the whole series. It is also perfect for conveying story and most especially, Lore, in a way that is not getting in the way of gameplay much. Due to Extended focusing much on story and lore, I decided to change around how Netricsa messages are structured in Extended. You may notice some aesthetic changes as well, like the color and the background.

STRATEGY tab is now called GENERAL. On this tab, you'll find three kinds of messages, with the prefixes "General", "Location" and "Tablet". Their meaning is the following:

General: General information about the mission, of important findings and such information. For example, the messages about "Sirian Pictograms" and the "Rising Obelisk" will belong here, as they are important information about the story.

Location: Information about the levels, just like how the STRATEGY tab was used before.

Tablet: In Extended, you'll be able to collect Lore Tablets that are hidden through the levels. While optional, collecting all of these will give you a specific backstory about what was happening "behind your back", what happened to the Sirians and such. There's a story each episode.

HINTS were not changed and have the same purpose as before. ENEMIES are also not changed much, just the structuring of their messages. Now, instead of the messages having only two sections (DESCRIPTION and TIPS), there are three sections, with the new one focusing on the specific variation of an enemy type.

WEAPONS was changed to ITEMS. There are three prefixes here as well:

Weapon: The original weapon descriptions.

Item: Description of items, like health, armor and powerups you find in the game.

Key: Description of key items found in the game.
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