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Default Filehosting Now Resumes

If you would like your sam related content to be hosted on Seriously!'s awesome mirrored downloading service then post here (1 post per entry) with the following information:
  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Your webpage or email address you would like people to contact you at (will default to your forum profile otherwise)
  4. Short description (140 characters or less)
  5. Long description, including links to other resources required to make it work
  6. What category best fits your submission (e.g. SS3 Map?)
  7. Download link to your file (use a free service like Mediafire)
  8. Info link to a forum thread/post with information about your file and where people can get tech support for it.

You may provide up to two screenshots to be published with your file. You can post them as an attachment to your post or you can link to them on an image hosting service (imgur, imageshack, etc).

No spam or discussion in this thread.
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