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Default Re: What everyone should know about leaderboards and score...

Originally Posted by reboot2099 View Post
Well, I am now in the process of finishing the game in serious mode at x65 all legit. Of course, it might be harder for me to get a better score than you, if possible at all.
It's because he beats the levels insanely fast. I tried to do it that fast, but it wasn't gonna happen. I have to redo Valley of the Kings because of this.
And what are the things you added for the x65?

Originally Posted by LuminaryJanitor View Post
Having used it to top the leaderboard myself, I wouldn't oppose it either, if it could be done properly. But I did it at Serious x65 - below the normal maximum - so I wouldn't be affected. And if the guy who used it to get first place (probably second by now, at the rate Suicidal was going ) isn't affected, I don't think it's much of a solution.
I have beaten the game with the x69 multiplier. I have beaten hatshepsut and The Great Pyramid with the x83. Especially because of the latter, I don't want to have to do it a THIRD time with x78.

I realised I was close to 900M. Once I hit that, I will stop playing, no matter how many people get ahead of me. So I'm done "competing" if you want to call it that. But believe me, I only did this because I was looking for a challenge from a game I've beaten a million times already. Adding personal difficulty was a great idea

(Metropolis still gives me nightmares. I had to figured out a way to get across that pit with only 4 health. Man I wish I could have made a demo)

But I think it's best to patch in the option "allow powerups?" so no one has to fight whether or not they should or shouldn't. And then the people who were cheap can't be cheap anymore if everyone can do it.
Go ahead and fight fire with fire. I'm going to get myself a bucket.

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