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Default Re: Super S! Kart (Mario Kart Map Pack)

Updated to v0.35, here's the log.

New Tracks:
Pan Stadium
Baby Park (Battle Race)
Luigi Circuit (Battle Race)

Battle Arenas:
Battle Course 1

Bug fixes:
- Fixed badly placed Killer on Noam's Wet Works
- Added Spectator cams.
- Added My Burden items
- Added new engine sounds to some karts.
It'll download from Steam for anyone that's subscribed to it.

Edit: Knocked up to 0.4, here's the further changes.
- Added Battle track "Double Deck"
- Fixed music in Test Track, Baby Park
- Added missing texture
- All karts now spawn in all maps instead of in the newer ones.
- Balancing of Baby Park
- Changed music in Battle Course 1 to be longer
- Spawning cars no longer blow your ears out when spawned en masse
- You will now be boosted on Deep Blue & Luigi Circuit when on boost pads. More noticeable on 50cc
- Added missing Kart piece to file system
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