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Default Re: M8 Avenger (aka the assault rifle from Mass Effect) weapon mod for SEHD released!

Originally Posted by Mongo/CyclopticPoggy View Post
Epic. Yes, I am a TERRIBLE Modeler. But, if I learned how to model somewhat, maybe I could make a six-barreled Laser gun.
What-ya think?
Sounds crazy. Man, you just made me think of something awesome: a minigun lasergun. :O

Originally Posted by Discy View Post
That is very awesome, good job. What program did you use to texture that bad boy?
I used Photoshop CS4 for all the texturing. For anyone curious, modeling and UVing was done in Blender. I also used 3ds Max do to the ambient occlusion bake for the texture, because 3ds Max's AO bake is much better than Blender's.

Originally Posted by Da Doom Man View Post
Badass modeling viper, looks EXACTLY like in Mass Effect.

But you should use it for the plasma rifle instead. That would be more fitting.
Thanks There's only one problem with using the laser gun, though. It's hard coded to use real moving projectiles, while the tommygun is hardcoded to use hitscan. I could have made projectiles for the laser gun that travel so fast they're practically instant, but that seems a little ghetto and I'm not sure if the collision would work properly (if the projectile is moving 500 meters per frame, I don't know if it would collide properly with stuff within those 500 meters).

I thought the Tommygun was a pretty good fit anyway, since the M8 is still a projectile gun rather than a laser gun. It's just that now you have 2 sci-fi guns instead of one.
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