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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

Originally Posted by gedamial View Post
I've just won a duel against a friend of mine on the map "The Lost Tomb" where the only item to time is the ARMOR +200

I was taking all the Armors as soon as they spawned, and he (who is almost as experienced as me) lost because of my timing skill.

So, you see.

Who has won? The better one.
And who is the better one?

He who knows well the maps, weapons and is able to time!

Adding spawn timers will break this magic.
That's not competitive though. IMO you're playing like a bitch. The player that has all the health and ammo is typically going to win more often than not, unless they get outplayed. When you KNOW when stuff spawns, because you took it, that gives you double advantage, like I said earlier.. but also hides information from your opponent, putting them at a huge disadvantage.

IMO that's really, really bad design, and is in my opinion COUNTER-COMPETITIVE. Starving/bleeding someone out, with a very low chance to come back into the game is not competitive at all.
I play a LOT of League of Legends, it's a MOBA that has emphasis on PVP, but also many PVE elements. There are neutral jungle camps that you can take that give you individual/team buffs. Good players/teams control these buffs, like you mentioned.

In the last year, League implemented jungle timers... when you go to investigate a buff, you see if it's either dead or alive. If it's dead, you get a timer when it respawns -so you can contest it when it spawns.-
For the IMPORTANT objectives like DRAGON and BARON, they give huge buffs and are located in center, between both bases. When a team takes these, BOTH teams get a timer for when it respawns, regardless if you saw them killed or not.. because these are so important, one team controlling 100% of them when they spawn, and the other team not knowing when they spawn, completely would shutout one team's chance of winning.. because they had no idea when it was respawning, or if it had been killed... if you went to go check you could potentially just be ambushed and killed.

When they added timers, all the pro players were pissed about timing and all of that. But in the grand scheme of things it made the whole game MUCH better. The games are 10x more fun to SPECTATE... games are no longer huge stomps because of one team controlling 100% of objectives, etc.

The game became -much more competitive- at all levels of play, because it enabled more avenues for teamwork.

If you truly are a better player, you shouldn't need +100HP bonus at every single encounter. If you think you're a better player because your character is statistically better, then I hate to break it to you, but... you're not.

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
That can work. It's very similar to how Duke3D did it, which had a spinning nuke symbol, that changed color and spun faster and faster until the item spawned.
I played a -lot- of Duke3D back in the day, and this is a pretty good system. It shows where a spawn point is, but not what the item is. It gives relative spawn timers, but not exact. You can know when something was taken recently, but not exactly when. And you won't know exactly when it comes back up, but you get an indicator when it's spawning SOON.

Personally, that's the system I'd go with.
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