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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

MasterEvilAce, in my opinion, you never played Serious Sam HD Versus.
That's the kind of mentality that destroys a so amazing competitive Arena FPS game like Serious Sam.

Originally Posted by MasterEvilAce View Post
That's not competitive though. IMO you're playing like a bitch. The player that has all the health and ammo is typically going to win more often than not, unless they get outplayed.
In case you didn't know, even though you are 200-200, a single shotgun shot can take you off half armor
In case you didn't know
, Serious Sam is not like Quake, where if you pick the Armor you have MUCH MORE probabilities to kill the opponent.

Originally Posted by MasterEvilAce View Post
When you KNOW when stuff spawns, because you took it, that gives you double advantage, like I said earlier.. but also hides information from your opponent, putting them at a huge disadvantage.

First of all when the opponent picks the item you hear the sound of the item when it's picked
Second, if you really want to pickup the item BEFORE your opponent... learn how to play and time it. That requires ability!

Originally Posted by MasterEvilAce View Post
I play a LOT of League of Legends, it's a MOBA that has emphasis on PVP, but also many PVE elements.
When they added timers, all the pro players were pissed about timing and all of that. But in the grand scheme of things it made the whole game MUCH better. The games are 10x more fun to SPECTATE...
You're comparing two genres TOTALLY DIFFERENT!
Who cares of spectators? I don't know if you understand but Serious Sam / Arena FPS are FAST games, and most of the time all vs all. Not like LoL
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